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crash involving a school bus and prince george's county. that accident just after 8:00 a.m. at the intersection of largo road and campus way south. 15 students on the bus of time. all of them were taken to the hospital to be checked out after complaining of neck or back pain. d.c. police have recovered a body from the anacostia river. authorities found the body floating on the east side of the river early this morning. if police raided the events surrounding the death still remain unclear.
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two adults at a child hospitalized after an overnight apartment fire in columbia, maryland. firefighters rescued of more than two dozen people from the building on stevens forced road. seven people were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. four others treated and released at the scene. 34 people in total have been displaced by the fire and there is no word on what might have started the flames. a major bust in the cigarette smuggling ring in maryland. minutes ago, a grand jury indicted nine people for smuggling cigarettes into prince george's county. more than 49,000 packs of illegal cigarettes were seized. they are worth $89,000. authorities say that this is the result of stepped-up efforts to reduce cigarette smuggling clan illegal contraband all across the state. >> we are raising the standard in prince george's county. not just for how we live in our neighborhoods, but we are
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interested in creating a climate where businesses can thrive. >> the state lost $30,000 in taxes from the smuggled cigarettes. it's a felony to transport illegal cigarettes. the suspects face two years in jail and a fine of $50 per carton. nearly 70 cats have been rescued from in humane conditions at an anne arundel rescue center. the animals were taken from the rescue center in suburban apart. they were living in deplorable conditions. several of them have medical conditions. two dead cats also removed. it's not clear if any charges will be filed. -- severna park. more rain could move in on the weekend. steve rudin has the look at the forecast. >> right now is going to be the best of the next 24 arrive
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late tonight and tomorrow. 73 degrees at reagan national 75 at dulles, 76 at quantico. moist air will be pushing in from the south and that will impact us especially tomorrow morning into the afternoon. there's a flash flood watch that goes into effect friday morning into friday afternoon. we could be looking at in excess of two inches of rain. when will the rain fall stop? my full forecast for the weekend is in a few minutes. they were held captive in iran two years and today two american hikers are finally with their families. shane bauer and josh fattal released. they are safely in jordan. now the latest from t.j. winnick. >> it was a family reunion 781 days in the making.
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shane bauer and josh fattal held captive in an iranian prison, raced down the stairs of the dead and into the arms of loved ones. -- down the stairs of the airplane. there was a long kiss between shane and his fellow prisoners sarah shourd, fellow prisoner until a year ago. we caught up with the young men's mothers. >> i feel fabulous. josh looks terrific. he lasted 781 days. we could not be more proud. >> they were arrested along the iranian border in july 2009. they have maintained they were hiding, but they were charged wic-- but they were charged with spying. they were released on 500 million-- $500,000 each. >> too belong in prison.
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>> they were allowed only one face-to-face meeting with their families in iran and short phone calls. they were released wednesday morning, following a week of last-minute delays. the u.s. has no formal diplomatic relations with iran so they depended on intermediaries, the swiss. >> we are very thankful, for all of those who have helped, in particular the iranians. >> they will fly back to the u.s. after a couple days where they will meet with u.s. officials. >> quite a reunion. now to the campaign trail. republican president candidates face off in the next big debate tonight. front-runner former massachusetts governor mitt romney and texas governor rick perry are expected to take center stage. mitt romney has criticized rick perry's position on social security already. rick perry is standing firm on his economic record as governor.
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>> we don't need to nominate obama. we don't need to nominate someone was going to clear the lines between president obama and our nominee. >> they can tell when someone is being phony and pandering to an audience. if you will not see that in my campaign. >> andrew colson lines voters in swing spastate florida prefer rick perry over mitt romney. -- the swing state of florida prefers midrick perry. >> and a car bomb nearly kills a father and his young sons. and there are floods. thousands of local people are skipping the drive. we have all that. dan steve rudin has th
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breaking news. we are watching a freefall on wall street. stocks of plunged 424 points. that is since the top of the hour. this has been an increase of
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more than a 50 point plunge since the top of the hour. we will keep you updated. in michigan father and his two young sons narrowly escaped death after a fiery car bomb attack. >> they are leading economic. i need someone here now. >> the frantic 911 call came in tuesday evening as eric was driving his sons to put all -- driving his sons to football practice. witnesses heard a big bang and saw a plume of smoke and their car seemed to melt away. >> by the time i got there the car was completely engulfed. >> they were really blessed not to have been killed. there were seriously injured but they are still alive. that means everything. >> investigators think that the attorney may have been targeted. he is a prominent divorce lawyer
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in the area. authorities are considering is a criminal matter, not a matter of terrorism. they were taken to the hospital and listed in serious condition. in japan today, people all over the country are cleaning up after a typhoon slammed ashore yesterday. the storm killed at least 10 people when it blew through with 100 mile per hour wind. at least four people are missing. the typhoon also left behind widespread flooding. some areas got more than 17 inches of rain in a single day. more than 1 million people before the storm were urged to evacuate. unbelievable pictures. >> it's been a wild here for the weather. >> it has and it is still unable -- unstable in our area. >> newly issued flash flood watch for the metro area starting tomorrow morning and extending through the day. first, blue skies in annapolis at this hour. or a little sunshine.
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that may trigger a chance of a few showers and storms later this afternoon. 73 degrees at reagan national. dew point level near 70 degrees. that's why it feels a little sticky outside with the wind out of the south that 8 miles an hour. 75 degrees at george washington university. wind out of the east. burke, virginia, 78. there was rain in montgomery county during the early morning. bethesda since midnight, over a quarter inch of rain. now 79 degrees. temperatures in the low to mid 70's across the area. in winchester, 79. 81 in frederick. 77 in fredericksburg. warm air hunt in the east coast. cooler air off to the north and west. minneapolis and chicago in the 50's. you can see where the frontal system is located. cold front in lower michigan and indiana and it's on its way. it will stall across the area and loses its punch. we will have scattered showers
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in the forecast not only for tomorrow, there's heavy rains tomorrow and a 40% tens of showers on saturday. there's moister pushing in from the south. heavy showers arriving tonight. we could see two inches by the time the system clears away by saturday. the national weather service flash flood watch issued tomorrow morning through tomorrow afternoon. we could see 3 inches of rain locally. the next 48 hours of shows all the moisture and moving north and east. the bands of yellow and dante green, that is the heaviest rain. that's putting the 99 corridor for tomorrow. that's the same area that saw heavy rain a couple weeks ago with the remnants of tropical storm the. 80 degrees today with scattered showers. becoming more widespread tonight. 64-70 tonight. scattered showers and and this comes tomorrow with heavy rain at times, high temperatures in the mid 70's. clearing out and drying out by
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saturday and sunday. by monday, looking beautiful around here. tomorrow will not be the best of days, flash flood watch. >> thank you. you might notice there are more people on metro today because it is car free day. commuters are being urged to leave the vehicle at home to reduce traffic congestion and promotes a greener environment. there were giveaways this morning at several metro stations in montgomery county. organizers say that 9000 people were planning to take part by walking, biking, or using mass transit. coming up get ready for more changes on your facebook home page. we have the latest on the social backlash. and anderson cooper has a look at what is coming up at 4:00 today. >> good afternoon. we will take you inside a secretive sect in the united states flds church. they believe force an underage
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girl to marry is not abuse. lisa was one of those children. how old were you when you got married to your cousin? >> 14. >> she recently escaped from the church. their stories are startling. >> she was 17 and he was 68. >> this
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another look at breaking news. take a look at the tumble on wall street. stocks have plunged 432 points. we will continue to keep an eye on the stock market.
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a wild sight caught on tape in china. take a look at this. a restaurant and boats broke free in a raging current and it crashed into a larger restaurant boats and capsized. all 11 people onboard were thrown into the river including a firefighter who climbed the vote to try to reach the boat just before it flipped over. firefighters managed to rescue all the people safely. get ready, facebook is set to announce even more changes to the social networking sites today. it's expected to unveil a of free music service along with other things later this afternoon. if 750 million users " up to our homepage a little different looking. it's an off an angry backlash from users, but the company says the changes are tailored and making sure that the new format includes information's users want to see.
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>> a reminder about our latest facebook giveaway. you could win a free pizza for an entire year. all gets to do is go to our facebook page to become a fan. sign up. the contest runs through tomorrow and that's when we will announce the winner on abc 7 news at 5:00. now we're checking in with steve rudin. we have some mornings. >> there's rain on the way.
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tonight into tomorrow is when the heaviest rain will fall, up to 3 inch is not out of the question. highs today near 80, the same tomorrow. with the clouds and the rain, and temperatures will be down a little into saturday. clearing out nicely by sunday. by monday and tuesday back to work and back to school, at temperatures in the 70's with sunshine. has an interesting blog about the winter forecast. >> the winter forecast? [ baby coughing, labored breathing ] [ coughing continues ] [ gasping ] [ elevator bell dings, coughing continues ] [ female announcer ] washington can't ignore the facts: more air pollution means more childhood asthma attacks. [ coughing continues
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] log on to and tell washington: don't weaken clean air protections.
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i'm jack, and we're at minute clinic, inside my cvs. just got her flu shot, like a champ -- mom! taking on the master of disaster the flu! it's the fight of the season! your flu shohot's next, champ. let's do this.

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